Beyond Work Life Balance

  • Work to Live.

  • Live to Work.

Which statement is true for you?

When I was in my 20s I lived in Australia, the reason that I worked was to enable my adventures outside of work. This attitude was shared commonly amongst my co-workers. The would declare with pride, that in Australia we work to live, comparing it with their view of the American working culture which they saw as living to work.

Now, a little older and living in America, I see that to live my life fully I have work to do and people to serve. So have I changed my own belief? Yep, I now fully embrace both these statements!

We believe that engaging life at work is both key to a successful organization and a successful life. Is there a better question to ask that how to achieve work-life balance. We think so! You can see Kilton, myself and some of our 1871 co-workers share of our perspectives on work-life balance in this video:

Thank you to Melanie at Chicago Made for inviting us to share our views. You can see her Chicago Made article here.


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