Weave Complete

Catalyze connection within your team and work together as one.



Weave Complete inspires a team culture without heavy lifting from leaders.

We provide people leaders with a solution that invites everyone to show up to work together, drives impact, and catalyzes more connection within their teams. Employees use Weave Complete to seamlessly connect to each other as a part of their workflows, so they can be more agile and responsive together as a team, no matter their location.



Weave Complete supports the three basic employee engagement needs for connection:


The Weave Complete package has two options to choose from:



How It Works:


We’ll start working with you directly to design and personalize the content of your Weave. Then we’ll create it for you!





Benefits You’ll Enjoy:


Integrate for Impact

Break down functional silos and invite everyone to work together by identifying
expertise, skills, and experiences across different departments and locations.


How We Do It:

We give everyone an equal voice, show them where they fit in,

and accelerate know-who with our custom questions and visualization of the whole team.


Customize for Focus

Focus the collective intelligence of the organization to achieve business
goals through a culture of highly effective teams who are engaged and unified.


How We Do It

We create personalized visualizations around your team’s purpose,

values, and goals that align to your existing brand and vision.


Reveal Professional and Personal

Access professional information and personal insight from every team member in seconds.


How We Do It:

We craft valuable, meaningful questions that encourage employees

to share both their professional expertise and interests outside of work.


Inspire and Catalyze Connection

Enable peer-to-peer connections, inspire cross-functional
collaboration and conversation, and humanize the team.


How We Do It:

Human-centric, icebreaker questions make it easy to connect and share stories,

and our monthly team emails inspire curiosity and connection.


Adapt to Change

Navigate company complexities and follow your teams as your
organization restructures and new colleagues join.


How We Do It:

Our full service team customizes the Weave based on changes in your organization 

and our personalized dashboard gives you access to all your teams in one place with

the ability to update your answers at any time, so content is always relevant.  




Weaves are highly customized to fit each and every team. We provide
price quotes upon request after more learning about your needs. 
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What Next:


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