Culture is Who We Are

One of Weave’s heroes, Brené Brown, has been fundamental in shaping our understanding of culture. Namely, we strongly believe in the difference between culture and strategy being this:

    • Culture = Who We Are
    • Strategy = What We Do

Unlike strategy, culture is more about Us – who we are, why we exist, and what drives us – than about The Thing that we are creating or doing.

We take culture very seriously, both within our organization as well as in what we deliver to others. This Word Cloud shows the key values that are important in our organization, and the Word Cloud will begin to inform you about the culture you can expect at Weave The People.
wc2We also provide services with our cultural tool, the weave.

But what exactly is a “cultural tool?”

Cultura, the Latin root word for “culture,” is closely related to cultivation. However, the term was also used metaphorically by Cicero, a Roman orator, in describing philosophy as “cultura animi” meaning, “cultivation of the soul.”

So does a cultural tool mean something used for farming? Perhaps in the past, but now we use this phrase in a different context.

In knowing that “culture” defines the WHO in an organization – what it is that makes an organization breathe and have life – and that a “tool” is used to create your desired product, we can understand a “cultural tool,” as being something that helps create culture.

And that’s exactly what we hope to do. Though we don’t believe company culture should rely upon technology to exist, we do believe that technology is a great platform – a great tool, if you will – which allows culture to more organically form in the workplace. With the Weave, we hope people can unveil their own unique talents and experiences, while discovering those of the people around them. Through tools that facilitate this exposure, we hope and believe to free people to be all that they can be.

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