Our Values
  • Appreciate and Wonder
  • Trust in Genius
  • Expand into Abundance
  • Engage with Life at Work
  • Manifest Greatness
  • Express Authentically
  • Organize for Success

Founded in 2008, Weave The People has since evolved into an entity bigger than any of the people involved. The people within Weave The People are aligned to help the organization reach its fullest potential. Weave The People embraces the integral principles of evolutionary teal organization as defined in Reinventing Organizations, embracing practices to support purpose, wholeness and self-management.

We are more passionate than ever about changing the world of work, clearer about practices we can adopt to achieve this and humble about where we are on this evolutionary journey.

The seeds of this organization were sowed on the fertile ground of a philosophy written in 2005 which you can read here.