Weave Coordinator FAQ – Main

Thanks for your help, Coordinator!  We have some “How-To” pages below to help you out if you have any questions about the features of your Coordinator Account.

First, a brief overview:  Two Weave Profiles

Since you’re a Weave Coordinator, you actually have two types of accounts on our website – a standard participant profile and a coordinator profile.

  • To login to your standard profile, you use the magic link that gets sent to your email. It is unique for each user and does not require a password.
  • To login to your coordinator profile, you use the https://app.weavethepeople.com link. Then you plug in your work email and your personally chosen coordinator password.


Here are some helpful explanations on how to navigate in and out of profiles:

First time login: coordinator profile

Switch accounts: logout of participant profile into coordinator profile

Switch accounts: logout of coordinator profile and into participant profile


Check out all the things you can do from your coordinator profile:

See the current survey

See the Weave Preview (accessible before the official release date)

Get your survey link for a Weave

See and download all responses for a Weave, or just a status report

Delete someone off of a Weave 


Don’t see your question answered here?

Contact us! Send us an email: support@weavethepeople.com, or to your Weave Administrator you normally deal with.