Sarah’s very First Weave

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.06.50 AMSarah Huynh joined Weave the People this May as one of our new Weavers. She graduated from the University of Chicago in June 2012 with her BA in Biology. Even as a pre-medical student, Sarah was inspired by today’s advancement in technology and innovation, seeing how it opens up endless opportunities for young 20s to contribute in the quest to make a change in the world. Sarah decided to join this movement, starting with Weave the People and a Demo Weave!

Q: What was your demo about and why did you choose it?

“I would venture to guess than Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman.”

Inspired by this quote by Virginia Woolf in her work “A Room of One’s Own” (which is often misquoted as “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman” – same idea though!), I created this Weave so that we can take a moment to recognize and celebrate the dedication, talents, and wisdom these female Nobel laureates have demonstrated through their life and work. With the powerful visualization ability of different Weave views, you will discover the amazing diversity in talents, passions, and cultures of our women. This diversity also demonstrates the unity of contribution across the globe to make this world a better place! This represents one of our company values–to engage and align our values in work and in life so that, together, we can all contribute to the collective success!

Q: What was your favorite part about making this Weave?
A: I actually have two favorite parts!
First of all, I learned a great deal about these incredible women, most of whom with humble backgrounds and humble hearts. And as I learned from their wisdom, I could see it demonstrated in the work that I do everyday at Weave:

These reflect the organizational values that made me want to be a part of the team–appreciation, serving, hidden value recognition, and initiative action.

Secondly, as I created this Weave, I was able to feel the intensive care and attention to detail we commit to put in each product. Everything that is displayed on the screen, from the color to the precise alignment, from the description to the spellcheck, is a work of art, with great purpose and perfection.

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