Engaging Life at Work

Engaging life at work is what we do here at Weave The People.

We engage life at work in service of freeing people to be all they were born to be. We were excited when our new tagline became clear to us and we wanted to share a little of why “Engaging Life at Work” resonated so deeply with all that we are and all that we do.

Life at work is the people all around us in our daily workspace.
Life at work is the potential wanting to manifest within us.


We serve corporate leaders, who know that engaging life at work – engaging their employees is vital for a successful business. They know engaged workers are the lifeblood of their organization. They know engaged employees attract new customers, drive productivity, create working environments people want to stick around in and ultimately have a significant impact on the bottom line. Most corporate leaders also know that there is a big problem today with 70% of employees in the US not engaged. This costs their business and it costs the US economy between $450 and $550 billion annually¹.

“engaging employees is vital for a successful business”


How can we engage employees now that we know it is so vital? Can we drive engagement? Can we mandate engagement? We don’t know how to do that. Where we are having an impact is when we work with leaders to help them create environments where individuals choose to engage. We do know how to help with this! We help create cultures of excellence and shape environments of engagement by visually revealing the often hidden talents of the people and focusing attention on a collective vision of success that they are part of.

Weaves are crafted for the purpose of “Engaging Life” – “At Work”. We engage employees at corporate meetings and in the workplace.

We also serve the workers of the world. US workers spend on average 90,000 hours of their life at work. Why then are they not engaging with so much of their lives when they are at work? Again, turning to the engagement surveys provide some answers to this. When it comes to engagement, employees are looking for these three things¹:

  • To belong, to be seen and to be heard
  • To be part of something bigger than just work
  • To know the organization’s mission and their role in it

Life is too precious not to spend our time at work fully engaged. We make Weaves designed to engage individuals, help them see that they belong to something bigger, share their voice, reveal their talents and align conversations and actions to the mission.

“engaging at work is vital for a successful life”


As valuable as all this is, for us at Weave these words resonate deep within the core of the organization’s purpose. The purpose of the organization is to free people to be all they were born to be. When we talk of freedom, we do not focus on freedom from anything, instead, we focus on what it is to be free to be. Engaging Life at work is synonymous with engaging with the consciousness of the universe, with being and doing from a place of consciousness.

All that we do is in service of “Engaging” – “Life At Work”. Life at work for us is the creative energy of the universe, around us and within us.

If we are to be free to be all we were born to be, we cannot achieve this through egoic effort and external achievements. Not to say that we do not strive for external achievements, but for us we know when we engage with life at work and align with the bigger purpose, only then can we manifest the potential of all we were born to be.


¹State of the American Workplace 2013 Gallup Report.

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