Weaving The CEC

Weaving The CECThe last 12 months have been an exciting time in Chicago and the Weave team has had a front row view in 2011. The technology ecosystem is blooming and the number of young companies completing financing rounds, establishing traction and gaining recognition has risen significantly.

A number of organizations and events have been a catalyst for change and made this progress visible to the wider world. One organization in particular has been driving the ecosystem forward.

Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center

The Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center was set up to accelerate the growth of companies and industries in Illinois. As a CEC member, the Weave team has gained a lot of benefits over the last few months. We have been introduced to industry experts, taken advice and promoted our products to new audiences that otherwise would have been harder to access.

Having spent time with the CEC team we noticed they had familiar set of challenges that we have observed across corporate America. How do you connect people and unleash the collective potential of the community?

We have Weaved the CEC members and mentors in an effort to address this problem. Check out the CEC Weave to discover more:http://weavetechnology.com/w/cec/

Kevin WIller, President & CEO of the CEC explained how Weaves have helped him:

Having seen many local organizations and events use the Weave, and through my own experience, I can recommend this tool to any leader who wants to get their know their people quicker and have more meaningful conversations.

Una Pipic, Managing Director of Client Services said:

Weave The People has helped the CEC build better and more meaningful relationships between our startups and mentors. This elegant visual tool allows us to go past the resumes and pitches to get a much deeper connection with people, their stories and personalities.

We are grateful to be working with the CEC team and look forward to seeing Chicago continue to bloom as an entrepreneurial hub.

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