Weave Your People

Weave The People started from a simple idea: We are better together.

In today’s complex world, technology has us all connected globally through our devices and yet we’re often too busy to really connect with the people we work with everyday. The world is moving fast and even with the many tools and technologies we have for getting things done, today’s professional are often overwhelmed meeting strategic goals.

Weave The People is different — it’s a technology-driven culture solution that makes it simple to really connect to each other, so we can all work better together.

Create cultures of connection with
Weave Dynamic
Inspire connection at meetings with
Weave Meetings

Weave The People Anywhere, Anytime

Weave is optimized for iOS and all laptops and desktops.

Weave Browser

Weave Browser for desktops and laptops-critical for creating a culture of connection.

Weave Explorer

Weave Explorer for iPad-great for conventions, conferences and off-site meetings.

Weave Projector

Weave Projector for large-scale meetings, events, and public venues.

Weave Deck

Weave Deck for instant access on-the-go. Search and browse Weave profiles.