Weave Dynamic


Create a culture of connection throughout your organization. Our customers asked us to create a way for them to Weave beyond meetings, and we did it! Weave Dynamic is designed to be a part of your workday, every day, to inspire employee engagement that boosts job performance.

Weave Dynamic inspires a team culture without having to manage connections. Employees use Weave Dynamic to seamlessly connect to each other as a part of their workflows, so they can be more agile and responsive together as a team.

Weave Dynamic supports the three basic employee engagement needs for connection:



Connect the Team

Show people they all belong.
Reveal commonalities and encourage story sharing.
Invite connection.



Empower & Align

Focus people on the shared vision.
Value the different skills on the team.
Empower collaboration.



Appreciate Individuals

Pay attention to the whole person.
Integrate work, family, relationships and self.
Celebrate Your People.