Weave Coordinator FAQ – Removing a Participant

Step 1: Log in to your coordinator account using the password you created previously, arriving by default at the “Design” screen.

Step 2: Using the search menu at the top, type in the participant’s name and click on him or her.

Step 3: You are now seeing the Participant’s profile, which contains their name, photo, and which Weaves they are a part of. Click on which Weave you would like to remove them from.

Step 4: In the upper right corner, click “Edit” and then “Remove.” You will be asked to confirm the choice — hit “OK.” This removes that person from that Weave, and they will no longer appear there. All the data is retained, in case they come back or are in other Weaves, but they will no longer show up on the selected Weave.

Note: if you have a big list of people to delete, and you can wait 24-48 hours, your Weave Administrator can batch delete people from our end using an Excel document. We also have the power to delete someone’s data completely and remove them from all their Weaves at once.

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