Zone of Genius

Sitting at your desk. Staring at the clock. Waiting for time to pass. This isn’t an uncommon feeling at the office.

Why do so many of us feel this way at work?

When you’re not doing a job or activity you’re fully invested in, it’s easy to feel disengaged and bored. You’re not exercising your strengths and, thus, aren’t being recognized for your personal genius. We’re often mentally stuck in other “zones” while at workzones that aren’t helping us reach our full potential

Instead, we need to be working from our Zone of Genius. This is each person’s unique area of expertise that they truly enjoy doing. It begins by believing that we all have a genius within us and learning about insights into how we limit ourselves. You’re not going through the dull motions of the workday when you’re working from this zone. You feel empowered and driven by purpose.

The “Zone of Genius” concept is from the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. We all possess our own unique genius, and get a feeling of fulfillment when we act upon it. What do I most love to do? What work does not feel like work? What produces greatest abundance and satisfaction? Asking meaningful questions helps us discover for ourselves what our own genius is.

Once we believe in ourselves and commit to unleashing our purpose and living in the zone, we can commit to behaviors that keep us in check. It’s crucial to take actionable steps to live more consistently in this space.

Honing in on zones of genius is beneficial to everyone in the office. In addition to more personal happiness, employees who exercise their strengths on a daily basis are 6x more likely to be engaged, according to Gallup research. Teams with high employee engagement rates are also 21% more productive. If you’re tired of your dreary-eyed workday and 9 to 5 monotony, liberating and expressing your natural genius is your ultimate path to success.