Weave the Meeting provides you with personal context that prepares you for new introductions and enables you to spark deeper connections, so your meetings are equipped with meaningful information that make the most of everyone’s time together. We give everyone an equal voice, show them where they fit in, and accelerate know-who with our insightful questions and visualization of the whole team. Weave the Meeting makes it easy to set up your people with valuable information that invites everyone to show up and work as one.




Features include:


• Valuable, meaningful questions that encourage employees to share both their professional expertise
and interests outside of work. Your personalized survey of questions will be the foundation of your Weave!
Click here to explore the Weave questions.


• A hand-crafted Weave and custom visualizations that align to your existing brand and vision. 


• Weave Auto-play for screens and projectors


• Meeting engagement strategies





Weave The People Experiences:

“Weave helped build the pillars of relationship. It uncovered the real person and opened up conversation at our meetings.”
– Cindy, Vice President, Communications, Comcast
“There is no doubt in my mind that Weave The People helped us have the most successful meeting possible because people were energized and informed on each other’s passions even before the meeting began.”
– Scott, President, BCD Meetings and Incentives


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This is part of the Weave Spark package. Find out more about it here.