These questions focus on team cohesion, collaboration, and the value each person brings to a group.

They whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Sometimes when we’re all caught up in individual, autonomous tasks, it’s easy to forget how crucial it is to connect everyone on the team. Some of the hardest problems are solved by collaborating and asking others to weigh in on an issue.

It’s important to habitually refocus teammates on the big picture and encourage camaraderie and partnership. These questions are meant to help everyone rely on each other more and will assist in enabling more frequent communication between team members. MIT’s Human Dynamics lab found patterns of communication to be a huge factor in determining a team’s success; in fact, they are as “significant as all other factors—individual intelligence, personality, skill, and the substance of discussions—combined.”


 Explore the questions below and pick 4 that work best for your team!

Free Response Questions

These questions would be displayed on individual profile cards, like so:


  • Think of a [team name] experience where you felt you contributed the greatest value. If you had to think of a title for this story in 5 words or less, what would it be?
  • What question/topic would you like us to explore at one of our monthly [or weekly, quarterly, etc] meetings?
  • In my department, I’m the go-to person for…
  • What 3 words capture the essence of what [your team name] should be known for?
  • Within our team and the businesses and customers we support, I’d love to collaborate and/or have high interest in areas such as: (please list up to three areas)
  • What would you like your colleagues to know about you so they can leverage your talents and contributions to assist in [team project or initiative]?
  • What’s the most rewarding skill or piece of knowledge you have developed at [company name]?

Multiple Choice Questions

Each question includes our standard answer choices. Please feel free to create different answer choices to better fit your team and company. These questions would have a new Weave page with a custom view, like so:


  • What excites you the most about being part of [your team name]?
    1. Providing guidance and advice to colleagues and teams
    2. Leveraging my expertise on projects and solving real problems
    3. Connecting with colleagues across the organization and building new networks
    4. Sharing knowledge and learnings
    5. Inspiring cross-functional innovation
  • Please choose one skill you could mentor others in, and one you would like to learn more about.
    1. Facilitating difficult conversations
    2. Influencing without authority
    3. Inspiring creativity in others
    4. Instilling accountability
    5. Prioritizing in ambiguous situations
    6. Stakeholder management
  • Please select your top two core strengths within [company name]:
    1. Achieving results
    2. Communication
    3. Decision-making
    4. Feedback and coaching
    5. Innovation
    6. Inspiring and influencing
    7. Managing change
    8. Strategic ability
    9. Teamwork and collaboration
    10. Technical and business expertise
  • Which is your personal mentorship style when engaging others? In which style do you like your mentors to engage with you?
    1. Cheerleader
    2. Coach
    3. Counselor
    4. Friend
    5. Sponsor
    6. Teacher