Paul Caswell’s Product Portfolio

From his teenage years, Paul has been crafting innovative solutions with technology. Over the past two decades, he has dedicated himself to developing products that aren’t just functional but are genuinely loved by users. Here, we delve into a selection of these stories, offering a snapshot of the context, the impactful outcomes, and the invaluable lessons garnered along the way.

Weave Browser

Weave was brand new people visualization product. The desired outcome for our users was to accelerate connection between corporate professionals at in-person events.

Read about the story of Weave going from Zero to One.

Weave Browser
(v1.1 – v4.75)

Weave Browser

Weave continually evolved, steered by an unwavering commitment to our customers’ needs.

Thanks to our agile rapid-release cycles, we’ve enhanced over 450 meetings and facilitated hundreds of thousands of more meaningful conversations.

Humu Nudge Engine®

Utilizing AI, nudges were tailored and dispatched to managers and teams, anchored in Nobel prize-winning science. Significant, quantitative outcomes materialized with top-tier clients.

With a world-class team led by Laszlo Bock, former head of people at Google, and presented with a distinct market opportunity, all factors pointed to success. Ensuring product effectiveness necessitated deep engagement with and understanding of C-suite leaders and various stakeholders, charting a course towards true product-market fit.

Weave Connection Pods

Weave Connection Pods

During the challenges of the pandemic, Weave rapidly pivoted, launching a new product tailored to the evolving landscape.

Our MVP resonated powerfully with Comcast, a Fortune 50 communications giant. Their team of leading data scientists became not just users, but enthusiastic advocates for our product. With direct engagement from their EVP, the project’s scope expanded fourfold after a mere six-month iteration. As the external environment continued to shift, our journey with this product experienced its own unique twists and turns. Intrigued by the full story? Feel free to ask Paul about it.

Weave Dynamic

Responding to the clear desire from both existing and potential customers, Weave embarked on a mission to transition from a solely event-focused product, aiming to foster genuine human connection within the workplace.

As we undertook this transformative journey, Weave Dynamic emerged as our most ambitious initiative, spanning numerous architectural and business epics. Investors, recognizing and aligning with our vision, backed accelerated product development. With this shift, not only did we evolve our product suite, but we also entered a new market arena as a comprehensive SaaS offering.

Weave Explorer

Weave Explorer

In a timely response to a major pharmaceutical client’s strategic move to empower their national sales force with iPads, the question arose: Could we harness and translate the transformative power of Weave onto this fresh platform?

With a tight 3-month deadline leading to their crucial sales kickoff, the pressure was on. Leveraging our agile methodologies, deep user insights, and collaborative team spirit, we successfully launched our first of many Weave experiences optimized for the iPad.

Weave Projector

At events, a common challenge arises: fostering genuine face-to-face interactions without attendees being constantly diverted by their devices.

With this in mind, we introduced Weave Projector. Designed to project vivid visual images of every attendee onto large screens before the event’s official start and during breaks, this transformed the ambiance of gatherings. By highlighting the humans present in the room, Weave Projector subtly but effectively shifted attendees’ focus away from their screens, fostering genuine connections and elevating the overall event experience.

Bekins On-line Tracking

( Award Winning 🏆 )

Over 20 years ago, Paul embarked on his inaugural journey as a product manager. Wearing the dual hats of technical architect and product manager, he facilitated crucial stakeholder dialogues, harnessed emerging technology, and steered the team to successfully roll out a vital business solution.

Bekins was losing market share and operated on an antiquated mainframe system; the challenges were palpable. The divide between business and tech teams loomed large. The mandate upon his arrival was daunting: tell us who we should let go! Undeterred, Paul chose a path of transformation and renewal.


While serving as an Enterprise Architect, before the emergence of dedicated Product Manager roles, Paul identified the essentiality of team collaboration and subsequently conceived CAS ML.

Designed with the tri-fold mission to “Communicate – Architect – Simplify,” this visual modeling language captured, evolved and communicated an aligned vision between business stakeholders, people managers, and engineering teams, the latter traditionally reliant on UML – “Unified Modelling Language.”

Newi: “New World Infrastructure”

Integrated Object’s “New World Infrastructure” was deployed in many mission critical environments, including at nuclear and defence sites.

In the domain of middleware products, a trailblazing solution was devised that interconnected mainframes, servers and clients. These systems, operating across diverse platforms, were seamlessly linked through shared protocols and semantic data. This integration was made possible through the use of APIs that were designed and implemented across multiple programming languages.

As a young software engineer, Paul derived invaluable lessons from mentors leading the evolution of distributed computing models, semantic data interfaces, and service-based architectures. Moreover, he was a key player in the new product team, rolling out “Newi in a box” (pictured here), designed especially for individual innovators, integrators, and developers.

Teenage Tech Tools

Paul’s technological exploration began early, fueled by an innate passion. It started with a Casio programmable calculator that allowed for a modest 38 coding steps. This curiosity expanded with the assembly of a Sinclair ZX80, in collaboration with his uncle, which boasted a capacity of 1024 bytes. Paul dedicated a summer to picking potatoes at a local farm, saving diligently. His aspiration to be among the first five people in England to own a Commodore 64 drove this effort, and he achieved it!