Paul Caswell’s Product Portfolio

Paul has been building cool stuff with technology since he was a teenager. For the past two decades he has been building products that are useful and loved by customers. Here are some stories where we share a brief context, impactful outcomes and valuable lessons learned.

Weave Browser

Weave was brand new people visualization product. The desired outcome for our users was to accelerate connection between corporate professionals at in-person events.

Read about the story of Weave going from Zero to One.

Weave Browser
(v1.1 – v4.75)

Weave Browser

Weave was created with the desired outcome of accelerating connection between corporate professionals at in-person events.

Over many versions it transformed 1000s of meetings and 100s of 1000s of conversations.

Humu Nudge Engine®

With Nobel prize winning science, AI technology, a world-class team and an unsolved market need everything was set up for success.

We failed to find product market fit but I wanted to share this failure as it has made me a better Product Manager.

Weave Connection Pods

Weave Connection Pods

During the pandemic we had to pivot and quickly bring a new product to market.

The MVP was huge success with our first client who quadruped the scope after the six months with the first iteration. And then external conditions changed again…

Bekins On-line Tracking

( Award Winning 🏆 )

My first experience as a product manager over 20 years ago was an amazing success and learning experience.

In the dual roles of technical architect and product manager, I facialited stakeholder conversations, integrated emerging technology and led the technical team to successfully deliver an urgent and mission critical business solution .

Weave Projector

How can we help people connect face-to-face at events without getting them distracted with their devices. Weave Projector was build to shift attention from devices to the people in the room.

Weave Explorer

Weave Explorer

A large pharmaceutical client had just equipped their national sales force with iPads. Could we bring the power of Weave to this new platform in time for their sales kick off? We had 3 months!

Weave Dynamic

Could we pivot from a successful event based product to meet the need for human connection in the workplace? A whole different market from the event based Weaves we had been delivering so far. Heads up – This story does not have a happy ending.


A visual language created to align visions between business stakeholders, program managers and engineering teams (using at the time UML).

Teenage Tech Tools

Paul’s passion for exploring what can be built with technology started early with a Casio programmable calculator with 38 steps to write code. A Sinclair ZX80 he built with his uncle expanding capacity to 1024 bytes. He was the 5th person in England to own a Commodore 64!