Paul Caswell
Founder & CEO
Paul serves the workers of the world and their leaders. He created Weave The People to find purpose and freedom. He loves meaningful conversations, adventure and fine ales. Read More

Kathleen McCurdy

Kathleen is constantly surprised by and grateful for the impeccable timing of the universe. She uses her interpersonal abilities to create new relationships and foster existing ones. She loves to work creatively and collaboratively with others. Read More

Mike Senechal 

Mike is the kind of innovator who thinks technology can’t be great if people can’t use it. During his career, Mike has created and launched several successful Internet technology products to the consumer marketplace. Currently as the COO of Zenbanx, the only mobile multi-currency account, Mike and his fellow founders went from concept to product with this innovative, regulated banking account and launched it in 2015.



Alumni & Friends


Kilton Hopkins
Kilton figures out how to use technology in life-affirming ways. He explores the universe, works to understand it, creates within it, and helps others to do the same. He loves to both learn and teach. Read More


Kevin Eskew
Kevin designs beautiful Weaves and guides others through the process. He still watches cartoons in his pajamas and hopes someday to make cartoons for others to watch in their respective pajamas. Read More


Preya Patel
Preya methodically and resourcefully solves problems that are sustainable. She strives to be the full expression of herself at all times. She motivates individuals through positive reinforcement and by serving as an example. Read More


Camaree Turman
Camaree helps run the looms and create amazing weaves and cultivates significant relationships through means of effective communication. She loves to spread joy and laughter, learn new things, and share her experiences with others. Read More


David Bakker
David is dedicated to the study of leadership and learning how to implement those findings into his daily life. He believes that working as a team to achieve greatness is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences in life. Read More


Sarah Laurie Huynh
Sarah looks to change and be changed. She loves to build meaningful connections and is most encouraged by people’s determination and hope in the midst of pain. Read More

Jake Sander
Weave Creator
Jake pursues process with awareness and integrity. He appreciates the fractal absurdities of life. He also loves to meet authentic people doing jobs they love and to talk with them about the same. Read More